Valentina Höll and Loic Bruni Dominate at Leogang MTB World Cup


Valentina Höll and Loic Bruni lived up to their roles as favourites in the MTB World Cup event in Leogang, Austria. The downhill stars clinched clear victories in the finals. The Austrian, competing on home soil, secured her win with a time of 3:40.141, a staggering seven seconds ahead of her competitors.

The YT Mob team world champion triumphed in front of around 20,000 fans, finishing ahead of Anna Newkirk (Beyond Racing, USA) and Myriam Nicole (Commencal / Muc Off by Riding Addiction, France). Höll’s performance was a masterclass in precision and speed, delighting the home crowd with her flawless descent. The atmosphere was electric as she crossed the finish line, securing a decisive victory that underscored her dominance in the sport.

In the World Cup standings, Höll extended her lead even further, especially as her closest rival, Tahnee Seagrave (Canyon CLLCTV Factory Team), suffered a fall. The Canadian managed to continue her race but now trails Höll by nearly 300 points in the overall standings. This setback for Seagrave has significantly impacted her chances in the championship, highlighting the unpredictable nature of the sport and the fine margins that can make or break a season.

Höll’s season has been characterised by consistent performances and an unrelenting drive for perfection. Each race has seen her pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, demonstrating both her technical skill and mental fortitude. Her ability to maintain focus under pressure and deliver when it counts most has been a key factor in her success this season.

In the men’s race, Bruni was unbeatable. As the last participant, the Specialized Gravity team professional clocked a time of 3:05.523 minutes, making the Frenchman more than two seconds faster than his teammate Finn Iles (Canada) and New Zealander Lachlan Stevens-McNab. Bruni’s descent was a spectacle of controlled aggression and technical brilliance, as he navigated the treacherous course with aplomb.

Bruni’s victory further cements his status as one of the top riders in the world. His ability to perform under pressure, coupled with his deep understanding of the course’s nuances, allowed him to outpace his competitors significantly. The Frenchman’s win in Leogang is a testament to his dedication and the rigorous training regime that has seen him rise to the top of the sport.

The Leogang event was a crucial stop in the MTB World Cup calendar, with riders from around the globe converging to compete in one of the most challenging courses of the season. The steep, rocky descents and tight technical sections tested the riders’ skills to the limit, making for an exhilarating spectacle.

For Höll and Bruni, their victories in Leogang are not just about the points they accrue in the World Cup standings but also about the statement they make to their competitors. These wins are a clear signal of their intent and form as the season progresses. Both riders have shown that they are in peak condition and ready to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.

The next stop on the World Cup circuit will be eagerly anticipated by fans and competitors alike, as the battle for the championship continues. With Höll and Bruni in such formidable form, the upcoming races promise to be thrilling contests that will test the mettle of every rider on the circuit.

The success of the Leogang event also highlights the growing popularity of mountain biking as a competitive sport. The large crowd turnout and the global viewership reflect the sport’s increasing appeal and the thrilling nature of downhill racing. As more people are drawn to the sport, the level of competition continues to rise, pushing athletes to new heights of performance and innovation.