Epic Saturday at the Madrid-Segovia MTB


This Saturday, the highly anticipated Madrid-Segovia MTB race will take place, gathering 2,000 enthusiastic mountain bikers in central Spain. Known for its challenging and demanding course, the event is set to conclude at the iconic Aqueduct of Segovia, a UNESCO World Heritage site, providing a spectacular backdrop for the finish line.

The race will start on Montecarmelo Avenue in the northern part of Madrid. Participants, who are divided into four groups, will set off in staggered starts beginning at 7:30 AM to avoid overcrowding and ensure a smooth start for all competitors. The 117-kilometer route is designed to test the limits of endurance and skill, leading cyclists through the stunning and rugged terrain of the Sierra de Guadarrama, a natural setting renowned for its beauty and difficulty.

The route is divided into two distinct sections. The first section, which spans 63 kilometers, ends in the town of Cercedilla and is predominantly uphill. This part of the race is known for its relentless ascent, requiring participants to maintain a steady pace and conserve energy. Upon reaching Cercedilla, participants will have a mandatory 60-minute break. This rest period is essential, allowing riders to recover, hydrate, and refuel before tackling the second, more grueling part of the race. The town of Cercedilla provides an ideal spot for this pause, offering a picturesque and welcoming environment for the cyclists.

The second section of the race is the most challenging. Cyclists will face the daunting task of climbing Alto del León, a mountain pass that reaches an elevation of 1,500 meters after an 8-kilometer ascent. This climb is a true test of stamina and determination, with steep gradients and winding paths. Once they conquer this ascent, riders will face a technically complex descent, demanding not only physical endurance but also sharp focus and precise handling skills. The path includes several segments that will test the cyclists’ overall endurance and resilience before they finally approach Segovia.

The timed stage of the race concludes on Camino de las Baterías, located on the outskirts of Segovia. From this point, participants will make their way towards the finish line at the Aqueduct of Segovia. This final stretch offers a sense of relief and achievement as riders pedal through the historic city, cheered on by spectators and supporters. The finish at the Aqueduct is not only a symbol of the race’s end but also a celebration of the riders’ incredible efforts and perseverance.

Leading up to the event, the organization has made thorough preparations to ensure a smooth and successful race day. The distribution of race bibs will take place on May 30 and 31 in Segovia and Madrid, respectively. This allows participants to pick up their necessary materials well in advance, ensuring that everything is in place for race day. Furthermore, the organizers have emphasized the importance of safety and have put in place various measures to support the cyclists throughout the race. Medical teams and support staff will be stationed along the route, ready to assist with any emergencies or issues that may arise.

Registration for the event is still open on the official website, providing an opportunity for last-minute entrants to join this epic race. The Madrid-Segovia MTB has garnered significant attention and excitement, promising an unforgettable experience for all participants. As the cyclists prepare for the race, the anticipation continues to build, with both seasoned competitors and newcomers eager to take on the challenge.

In addition to the race itself, the event has a broader impact, promoting the sport of mountain biking and encouraging outdoor activities and healthy living. It also highlights the natural beauty of the Sierra de Guadarrama and the historic significance of Segovia, drawing attention to these remarkable locations. For the local communities, the race brings an influx of visitors, providing a boost to the economy and fostering a sense of pride and involvement.