Colombia Secures Spot in Mountain Biking for Paris 2024 Olympics

National teams

Following the conclusion of the Olympic qualification process for Mountain Biking, the International Cycling Union (UCI) has confirmed the allocation of an Olympic spot for Colombia in the Men’s Cross Country category.

This numerical quota marks Colombia’s 66th qualification for the Olympic Games. In the coming days, the Colombian Cycling Federation and its National MTB Commission will announce the cyclist who will represent the country in Paris 2024.

This achievement is the ninth Olympic berth secured by Colombian cycling. The nation will also be represented in the road cycling events with two men and one woman, and in track cycling with three men and two women.

Additionally, this week will see the confirmation of spots earned in BMX Racing, where Colombia is vying for five places (three men and two women).

Furthermore, in mid-June, the qualifiers for BMX Freestyle will be announced. Colombia is aiming to secure a spot for a female athlete in the park discipline.

The confirmation of these spots highlights Colombia’s strong presence and competitive spirit in the cycling events at the upcoming Paris 2024 Olympics. The nation’s consistent performance across various cycling disciplines showcases the dedication and hard work of its athletes and the support from the national cycling federation.

As the preparations for the Games continue, the selected athletes will be undergoing rigorous training to ensure they are at peak performance for the Olympics. The anticipation and excitement are building up as Colombia looks forward to adding more achievements to its Olympic history.