Kielder Chiller - A licence to Chill!

06-01-2019  Max Suttie   XC Race News 

24hr racing in the depths of winter takes a special kind of outlook, and those who have it will likely be returning to the infamous Kielder Forest next month for a seasonal dose of "chilled" racing.

Lap Of My Mind - Lap of the UK anyone?

11-11-2018  Max Suttie   XC Race News 

Lap of My Mind challenge is an epic relay of 10 riders cycling a non-stop lap round the UK in just 20 days. 4500 miles and over 230,000 feet of climbing, with almost guaranteed bad weather. Starting on the Clifton Suspension Bridge, a recognised suicide blackspot, on 1st December 2018 and finishing...

WEMBO World 24hr Solo Championships 2018 - Race Preview

04-11-2018  Max Suttie   XC Race News 

It's just a little over a month before the worlds best endurance mountain bikers grace the slopes of the Nevis Range in Fort William in a return of the WEMBO World Solo Championships to (one of) its birthplace. And we're excited for some great caffeine fuelled racing. Riders will be venturing...

Whats happening with Hadleigh?

15-08-2017  Ross Wildman   XC Race News 

When Hadleigh Park re-opened to much fanfare post 2012 Olympics it really looked like we were going to be blessed with a tremendous facility for mountain biking for the foreseeable future. Sadly, it appears that after relatively short space of time that legacy is drifting away on a cloud of...

Jon Fearne Joins UKXCNews team

03-08-2017  Ross Wildman   XC Race News 

UKXCNews are pleased to announce than Jon from E3coaching will be joining the team here at UKXCNews as deputy editor. Jon carried out our winter coaching series coaching, he also coaches a lots of the riders you find on the podium. Jon will bring a great range of skills, sports knowledge to the...

Race Bike Focus: Matt Jones' 24 hour racing machines

27-07-2017  Matthew Jones   XC Race News  Reviews  Bikes 

Having two bikes for a 24 hour race is pretty important particularly if weather conditions go south and mudmeggedon happens meaning a bike swap every lap is near essential if you want to be at the sharp end. Washing my only bike mid lap in the rain at 3am a few years ago at Relentless 24 was not...

Scott MTB Marathon Buitlh Wells review

15-04-2017  Ross Wildman   XC Race News  XC Race Reports 

Although I’m no stranger to a spot of amateur Endurance racing this was going to be the first Scott MTB marathon I’ve made it to. But after being seriously ill after Christmas I was so excited about getting back on my bike to attend what is widely regarded as the original single loop off road...