As you now know we've teamed up with to bring you a 12 week training series over winter, it should end just in time for when you're planning your 2017 season. It's going to cover the following topics.

imageThe training basics Week 1

This will look at the basics of training, an 11 step process designed to help you find weaknesses and improve on them. Its will even cover some review process for last season to make sure you get the best in the next season.

The full article was posted on 17/09/2016 E3Coach Series - The basics of training

turboTesting Week 2

Testing is needed to allow you to find the zones you need regardless if you train to power, heart rate or even perceived effort. In this weeks post we will discuss how to measure and test, as well as providing you with a calculator to work out your training zones.

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Base TrainingBase Training Week 3

Already thinking of long dull rides? zone 1 up a climb? Well this is a little different, Jon' base training methods seem to work well and they are alot more enjoyable. This may just make your winter training so much more enjoyable.

The full article can be found here: Base Training

img_2221Training for the time poor Week 4

Unless you ride for your profession then this is for you, most of us need to balance training around  work, family & social gatherings. Not many people can fit in riding 15+ hours a week every week so we'll explore sessions designed to give you the maximum benefit for the minimum time.

The full article can be found here: Training with limited time

adrian-turboTurbo V Outside Week 5

Yes we are going to look at the turbo trainer, most of us have one, all of us hate them, but, and its a big but, they really do work! Sometimes the conditions stop us from heading outside so we need to look at an alternative method instead of training.
The full article can be found here: Turbo V Outside

corsstrainingCross Training Week 6

No not a cross bike, well maybe, but this is more about using other sports such as swimming, running, squash etc as a complimentary session to your xc riding. It could even be something such as yoga as this will help with flexibility on and off the bike.
The full article can be found here: Cross Training

StretchingStretching & Recovery Week 7

Recovery is probably the most important part of training, you stress the body day in day out but are you recovering enough? recovery and stretching will prevent injury and illness and keep you in top tip condition all season long.
The full article can be found here: Recovery

img_2755-1Ramping it up Week 8

You've probably been spending the winter doing slow steady distance with our base training process, now its time to start adding speed work. In this weeks post we will look at sessions to do on the turbo that will help you when you need to put some faster race pace efforts in.
The full article can be found here: Ramping up the training

PacingPacing for endurance Week 9

3,2,1 go.. big event starts, you're flying along pushing hard staying with the front group, then the dreaded bonk, the pain of not pacing correctly creeps in and you're suffering just turn the pedals. We've all been there, its horrible, We'll look at pacing for big endurance events as well as nutrition for longer events to help you achieve your best.
The full article can be found here: Pacing for Endurance

injuryHow to deal with set backs Week 10

Sometimes the unexpected happens, a crash causing injury, sickness stopping you or just life getting in the way. When this happens its easier to loose focus, this weeks post will help you understand how to deal with these setbacks by planning short sessions around life events or building a small post injury/sickness recovery session.
The full article can be found here: Dealing with Injury / Sickness

planningSeason Planning Week 11

So you've finished the main parts of your winter plan, you have a list of events you wish to do and you have picked one maybe two peak events. Now you need to plan your season so you arrive at these events at peak fitness, In this article we will explain how to manage your season so you get the most out of your training.
The full article can be found here: Season Planning

peakingTapering and sustaining peak fitness for multiple events? Week 12

Now that you've got your season planned, the first peak event is coming up... what do you do? When do you start your taper? or maybe you are looking to peak a couple times in a short space of time. We'll explain how and when to taper, sessions to do when you're tapering and how to arrive fresh for your event.
The full article can be found here: Sustaining Peak fitness