7th October2015

Off season why bother?

Firstly don’t panic! Don’t stop reading! And try not to break into a cold sweat, these are the standard reactions to mentioning ‘The Off Season’, I come up against this every year with new athletes. As a coach it is a tough time, tougher than race season. Trying to convince people who live to be … Continue reading “Off season why bother?”

29th September2015

Introducing E3Coach.com

E3Coach.com offers a wide range of coaching and training services: Online personal Training plans Through Training Peaks Fitness Testing (VO2,Lactate, max heart rate, power) Nutritional advice and plans Training camps UK and Abroad 1-1 training sessions Talks on different elements of training and racing E3Coach.com works with a wide range of athletes within MTB we … Continue reading “Introducing E3Coach.com”

15th May2015

1-2-1 DirtSchool coaching – Derek Shanks

The most worthwhile day I’ve ever spent on a mountain bike! That’s a bold statement.  But it’s exactly how I’d describe the full day private consultation session I’ve just had with Rab Wardell of Dirt School. I’ve raved about Dirt School before and I’ll be doing it again!  I’ve had a private half day coaching session from … Continue reading “1-2-1 DirtSchool coaching – Derek Shanks”

9th February2015

Training Hydration Stratergy – Seb Batchelor

The 2014 season is behind us and the forthcoming year of racing is approaching. As most people know there isn’t much ‘off’ during the off-season, and as we look to build on a successful end to last years campaign plenty has been happening in the team camp. Taking a fairly radically different approach to winter training compared to … Continue reading “Training Hydration Stratergy – Seb Batchelor”

25th January2015

Get your stretch on

Stretching should be part of any rider’s ‘off the bike’ strength and conditioning routine. Good flexibility is one of those key areas for helping to avoid aches and pains on the bike and for improving function. Muscles are not individual structures, being continuous with one another, acting together to produce patterns of movement and acting … Continue reading “Get your stretch on”

18th December2014

Tim Dunford’s Festive Survival Guide

How you can have your mince pie and eat it So it’s festive season once again. A merry-go-round of office parties, visiting far away relatives, watching Groundhog Day (again) and generally MUCH eating and drinking. Nothing wrong with that, but if you’ve got an early season target, a couple of weeks of mince pie fuelled madness … Continue reading “Tim Dunford’s Festive Survival Guide”

26th September2014

XC MTB Strength Training – Part 3: Upper Body

Part 3 of our series of simple strength exercises to help develop your Cross-Country mountain bike racing is here! This week, Jon from JM Fitness and Health takes you through 3 simple upper body exercises… Enjoy!! For the final part of this series we are going to look at the upper body. Upper body….. I’m … Continue reading “XC MTB Strength Training – Part 3: Upper Body”

19th September2014

XC MTB Strength Training – Part 2: The Core

UKXCNews.com is pleased to bring you Part 2 of our simple winter strength training series. With the help of Jon from JM Fitness and Health, we’re taking a look at simple strength exercises aimed at the XC MTB racer that, when combined with some effective on-the-bike training, will give you the edge come the start of … Continue reading “XC MTB Strength Training – Part 2: The Core”