We've teamed up with e3coach and over the next 10 weeks we are going to be bringing you a host of training topics to cover including testing, base training, the use of the turbo trainer and we will also discuss cross training, the importance of recovery and we will end with season planning.

Where to start, so you have the bike, you have the kit you have entered the races what do you do now? Maybe buy a faster bike? Faster wheels? Or spend a little time looking at what you are doing with the bike and kit?

Yep that's right your training.

There are 11 simple things we can do that can help us get the most from our riding.

  1. Admit what is your weakness (climbing , skills, fitness , descending)

  2. Set some specific time to work on area of weakness

  3. Use your log/garmin/strava for things other than KOMs, there is information on there.

  4. Break your training/racing calendar into training phases. Identify your races/goals put them in the calendar, then work backwards from these dates to set your high intensity phase, Tempo effort phase and your base endurance/strength phases.

  5. Work out your training zones so you can follow your calendar with correct effort levels at the right time of year. This is something we will cover next week. 

  6. Be strict ! If you have session at a certain intensity then stick with it even if someone rides past you, that is not your race.

  7. Don't be afraid to use other bikes! Yes that's right the skinny tyre road thing, or a turbo all can help get you race ready.

  8. Stretch take on a yoga class once a week, stretching is so important I work with world champions and these guys do it and know how important it is.

  9. Periodical Bench marking. Choose a climb or route you use regularly and give it a race effort, use that log to compare your fitness to last time, then ask how it physically felt? Was it muscular was it cardiovascular what was strong what was weak?

  10. Make your sessions progressive, you need to be increasing effort, time and intensity to over stretch your body to allow it to adapt to the training.

  11. REST make sure you rest at least once a week and then every 4th week  make sure you have an easier week. Allow your body the chance to get stronger from the previous 3 weeks.

To finish lets focus on number 3. Your log, most of us have a Garmin, or Polar and have been using for a few years, if you have been uploading these you have stored so much data that can help you plan your training.

Things to look at are:

  • Sessions 3 weeks out from races

  • What you did over winter? What intensity were you working at?

  • How many easy weeks did you have?

  • How many blank weeks?

  • Look for positive patterns and negative patterns

  • Find your best race and look at the run in to it

  • Find your worse race and look at the run in to it

What you are doing is arming yourself with information that will help you training and race better.

If this is already seeming to be to much then get in touch with e3coach.com and they will be able to help you out, investing in a coach is one of the most worthwhile investments you'll ever make.

If you have any questions then please leave a comment below and we will get them answered each week.