27th July 2017

Race Bike Focus: Matt Jones' 24 hour racing machines

Having two bikes for a 24 hour race is pretty important particularly if weather conditions go south and mudmeggedon happens meaning a bike swap every lap is near essential if you want to be at the sharp end. Washing my only bike mid lap in the rain at 3am a few years ago at Relentless 24 was not...
2nd May 2017
  • Author Ross Wildman
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TREK FUEL EX 9.7 Review ‘Always go bigger’

I would not be writing this review if it wasn’t firstly for my crazy boyfriend and his generosity and, to Cotswold Cycles for helping him track down this beauty of a bike! This was our first Christmas together and in the morning Phil and I opened our presents. I thought I had done quite well...
28th April 2015

Race Report: Scottish XC Series (Round 2) - Derek Shanks

For anyone who knows me well, or even just reads my blogs, you can probably tell that even though this mountain bike racing is just a hobby, I do take it seriously.  I spend a lot of time thinking about it, worrying about it, planning, training, fussing, beating myself up when things go wrong,...
22nd April 2015

Race Report: BCXC Series (Round 2) - Derek Shanks

Now that's a proper mountain bike course! And it caught me out on lap 2!  But more on that later! Last weekend took me on my longest road trip of the racing season down to Newnham Park near Plymouth for Round 2 of the British XC Series, and my 2nd race in the British Expert category.  As...