Wembo report from Matt Jones
9th June 2017

Wembo report from Matt Jones

Anyone who's ridden or pitted for someone at a 24 hour race knows that they are complete roller coasters of highs, lows, disasters and moments of elation. The World Championships in Finale Ligure, Italy definitely delivered a Big Dipper of emotions for the Brits who made the journey with the...
Matt Jones 24hr Solo champs race report and seasonal recap
20th November 2016

Matt Jones 24hr Solo champs race report and seasonal recap

Fort William holds some good memories for me starting in 2013 getting a surprising podium at relentless 24 followed the year after with an age cat win at the world champs. This year really topped it all off though winning the UK 24 hour solo championships.   It's been a really long...
Manx100 "Toughest mile for mile event in the UK"
16th September 2016

Manx100 "Toughest mile for mile event in the UK"

The team behind the Manx100 have put together the toughest mile for mile mountain bike event in the UK. The stats only begin to give you a sense of the scale of the challenge laid down by the local organisers. 102 miles  (yes an extra couple as they didn't want the risk of people being...
19th May 2016

?Race Report: Dyfi Enduro - Matt Jones

Machynlleth served up a wet and wild weekend in mid Wales combining everything that’s best about mountain biking, bikes, beer and mates gathering together to take on the Dyfi Enduro. We were pretty glad to have recently taken the path of caravan ownership and on race weekends like this it proved...
2nd October 2015

WEMBO World 24 Solo Champs – Race preview

2015 sees the 24 Hour Solo World Championships return to North America for the first time since 2009 and the first visit under WEMBO’s stewardship. Every year the debate rages about the quality of field and the riders missing but arguably this year sees the greatest breadth of quality riders with...
27th May 2015

European 24hour Solo Championships: Finale Ligure report – Matt Jones

Having heard many a good thing about the Finale24 event and particularly the course a road trip south was plotted with family in tow for sun, gelato and 24hours of punishing racing for the WEMBO European 24 hour Solo Championships. We drove down through France via overnight stop over in Macon...
5th May 2015

Race Report: Howies Dyfi Enduro - Matt Jones

Another year another cracking Dyfi Enduro. This was my 5th anniversary at the Dyfi Enduro. Not being at a computer when the entries went live I had to rely on a mate to press the trigger in speedy time to grab a golden ticket, auto complete anyone?! This surely must be THE most popular mountain...
15th October 2014

Race Report: WEMBO World 24hr Solo Championship - Matt Jones

Race Report: WEMBO World 24hr Solo Championship by Matt Jones M Steels Cycles Exposure/USE rider Matt Jones thoughts on his age category win and 17th overall at the World 24 Hour Solo Championships at Fort William. Heading up to the worlds on home soil for the first time I was really looking...