27th July 2017

Race Bike Focus: Matt Jones' 24 hour racing machines

Having two bikes for a 24 hour race is pretty important particularly if weather conditions go south and mudmeggedon happens meaning a bike swap every lap is near essential if you want to be at the sharp end. Washing my only bike mid lap in the rain at 3am a few years ago at Relentless 24 was not...
19th May 2016

?Race Report: Dyfi Enduro - Matt Jones

Machynlleth served up a wet and wild weekend in mid Wales combining everything that’s best about mountain biking, bikes, beer and mates gathering together to take on the Dyfi Enduro. We were pretty glad to have recently taken the path of caravan ownership and on race weekends like this it proved...
7th May 2015
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KTM Myroon Prestige (27.5) Review - Garry Hurst Race Bike Focus:

Here we are again... Another edition of Race Bike Focus to help ease you toward the weekend! This week we are delighted to bring you the KTM Myroon Prestige (27.5) of KTM ImpSport rider, Garry Hurst... Enjoy! [caption id="attachment_12280" align="aligncenter" width="450"]...