With love & patience, nothing is impossible

(Daisaku Ikeda)

My Build 2 phase of my training is now over and if we’ve got it right or right enough, I should be peaking now. And with this thought I went into the weekend’s Bundesliga U19 XCO at Neustadt, Titisee, Germany full of optimism.

What a course! The organisers had done an amazing job and were super helpful, not only over the weekend, but also over the weeks leading up to the event too. Simon Stiebjahn from Team Bulls was part of the organisation behind the event and he did everything he could to make sure we had a great camp over the weekend. Thank you @stiebi90 you lot were fantastic.


Either my training plan is way off or something weird happened and I’m sure it was the weird thing.

Two-thirds of the way around the first lap I’d already achieved one goal, namely moving up through the field to gain contact with the leaders. However, suddenly out of nowhere, my legs just said “no way mate, that’s it.” Then my stomach joined in and I felt really, really sick.

I have no idea how I finished the race but I did, determined not to DNF.

We think it could be down to a combination of factors; a super hard week of training behind me, going out too fast at the start, new gels and the heat.

Whatever it was, I was so disappointed. My family and sponsors put enormous amounts of time and effort in and I just want to pay them back with the performance I know is inside me. Patience and perseverance are crucial, and this is what I have really understood this season.

With only five days to Nationals it’s all about making sure I get plenty of rest now and line up on Sunday in the best shape possible.

My bike received a real treat last week, as Hoshi & Christoph at SRSuntour sent me the latest Axon Werx Carbon fork just in time for Hadleigh Farm. Thanks guys, you are fantastic! To go with the shiny new fork the team at KMC Europe is very kindly supporting me with the amazing KMC X10 SL Gold Chain for the Nationals and the remainder of the season.


Having my younger brothers around at the Bundesliga was great fun and made the weekend even more enjoyable than usual. They are somehow able to ease the pressure and tension simply by being around, I don’t know how they do it.

They’ll be at Hadleigh Farm too and they can’t wait to go. Brotherly love!