Manx100 "Toughest mile for mile event in the UK"
16th September 2016

Manx100 "Toughest mile for mile event in the UK"

The team behind the Manx100 have put together the toughest mile for mile mountain bike event in the UK. The stats only begin to give you a sense of the scale of the challenge laid down by the local organisers. 102 miles  (yes an extra couple as they didn't want the risk of people being...
15th September 2016

Scott Marathon Series 2016: Round 5 – Ruthin

With the summer months and XC racing season drawing to an end, last weekend’s Scott MTB Marathon in Ruthin, North Wales, was the perfect opportunity for one last longer distance event before the off-season. Whilst not a race, the events are always challenging and a great way to push yourself...
13th September 2016

A fat bikepacking adventure with Emily Benham

Back in 2015 we caught up with Emily Benham with our Race bike Focus feature, Now she has been kind enough to share her recent adventures of bike packing with us, something for 2017 perhaps? Bzzzzz. Bzzzzz. Bzz…. It’s still dark outside as I groggily roll over to turn off the alarm....
Matthew Jones takes on the Kielder101
6th September 2016

Matthew Jones takes on the Kielder101

The Kielder101 in it’s second year after taking over from the longer historic 100 mile event offered riders a 101km endurance xc challenge in the remote hills, forests and moorlands of the English and Scottish borders in deepest Northumberland.   Riders had an early wake up to prepare...
3rd September 2016

Brighton Big Dog – 6HR SOLO By Luke Kendall

Luke Kendall recently wrote about his first 6 hour solo event at Brighton Bigdog. he's shared his thoughts below, did anybody else attend? Taken from Lukes own blog: With the local XCO race season now over, and TwentyFour12 successfully...
Brighton Big Dog 2016
20th August 2016

Brighton Big Dog 2016

I had an average start, not too fast but not dead slow, it was enough to not burn out too quickly.
6th July 2016

Countdown to the BC Bike Race! - Andy Smallman

  Merida Summer Monkey - what a nice change from Mountain Mayhem.  On Father's Day there always seems to be a raft of thinks for Dads's to do which don't involve spending time with the family.  2016 was no exception, should you wish you could: dress up in old kit, ride an old bike and...
14th June 2016

BC Bike Race Ready - Andy Smallman

A blog, I offered and a blog is something I hadn’t really considered writing before. So what, why, how, who etc. would seem to be a good way to start? As an introduction, I am in my mid forties with a wife and grown up step children, who live away from home. I currently work away from home,...
14th June 2016

Train harder to make racing easier... (Lomas Wefing)

Earlier this year my dad got the chance to talk to one of his heroes, Tim Gould, and he asked him for advice. “Train harder to make the racing easier,” Tim, told us and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since. After a hard race in the Swiss Cup, Gränichen I was starting to feel stronger...
6th June 2016

Southern XC: Round 5 – Crow Hill (Southern Championships)

On Sunday I took an impromptu trip to Crow Hill in the New Forest near Bournemouth for Round 5 of the Southern XC Series, incorporating the Southern Regional Championships. Initially I had planned on entering more Southern XC races this year, however I decided to focus more on the National...
1st June 2016

Schopp till’ you drop! - Lomas Wefing

Last Sunday’s U19 XC Deutschland Cup race might have slipped your attention. It certainly felt like the entire ‘XC family’ was in La Bresse, and it was the only race that mattered. Not so, and in a remote corner of the Pfalz, in a little place called Schopp, a small but high quality field of...
24th May 2016

Racer Blog: Quitters never win and winners never quit - Lomas Wefing

Albstadt, UCI World Junior Series After the previous week’s strong ride, I was optimistic of being able to move up through the field in Albstadt from my gridding of 118. Arriving on Thursday, the plan was to spend as much time on the course as possible before Saturday morning and rest up...