Budget busting XC hardtails that you can buy on cycle 2 work
25th May 2017

Budget busting XC hardtails that you can buy on cycle 2 work

So you're up for a little XC racing but you don’t have a mountain bike - or maybe not a mountain bike that you fancy thrashing ‘up’ as well as down the British Countryside with a number stuck on front. Well, as part of my little mission to finally start racing some Cross-Country, UKXCNews...
Dyfi (Double) Race report
11th May 2017

Dyfi (Double) Race report

Matthew Jones recently did the Dyfi TWICE in preperation for the 24hr worlds soon, he sent over his race report for us all to read. How do you make the best event of the year even better? Do it twice! The annual pilgrimage to the welsh hills once again took us with caravan and hound in tow to...
Croatia 4Island Race Report
4th May 2017

Croatia 4Island Race Report

So the stage race consisted of 4 days on 4 different Islands in Croatia. We arrived on the Monday on the Island of Baska after a 3 hr journey from Zagreb. The weather was similar to back in the Uk. My team partner Tom who was from Belgium was raring to go as I was also. I met him last year doing...
Approaching 40 and wanting to race XC
2nd May 2017

Approaching 40 and wanting to race XC

I'm not entire sure I know how to start this blog/statement of intent, which is pretty apt considering its purpose. I suppose an introduction is the best and most obvious place to finally get these wheels in motion – pun intended. My name’s Andy, I'm an XC MTB fan who is hovering perilously...
Whats it like having a cycling coach?
15th April 2017

Whats it like having a cycling coach?

This was the question that got asked most from our E3coaching series we carried out over the winter period. Here is the first of two articles we will be publishing from riders that are coached by E3 coaching so you can get a better understanding of what its like and if its something for...
16th October 2016
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Taking your non racing mates along to races.

Dragging your non racey mates along to races... thoughts from each end of the results sheet. Training for 24 hour solo races can be a lonely business as it's not often that your riding buddies want to get up at 6am for some pre work hill repeats in the depths of winter. Even if you do find someone...
10th October 2016

Tide2tide Report - Phil Pearce Pembrey

Philip headed over to the Tide2Tide event at Pembrey, to compete in his first ever tide2tide event, We asked him to share his thoughts on the event, see what he makes of it and maybe enter next year? The Tide 2 Tide event is a new one to me. So what is it? It’s a fun-filled all-inclusive 6...
7th October 2016

A very fast Dünsberg Marathon

It seemed appropriate to finish this season off with a marathon, the Dünsberg Marathon. Okay it was only 54km but the field was strong as there was no full marathon distance race this year. This meant that the pace would be really high from the start. It was also our last camping weekend...
27th September 2016

Pearl Izumi Cup by Tom Bell

I’ll begin with a little context. Until just over a week ago, I thought the last race of my season was going to be the UCI MTB World Cup in Andorra. A snapped chain on Lap 4 in 66th position meant I’d been forced to abandon, which was incredibly frustrating. After a bit of a rest once...
19th September 2016

Summer Sadness, the curse of overtraining

Faster and leaner, something all of us want to be, but, do we recover enough? Do we try and push on when we should be recovering? Jason Marriott found himself over training. He has shared his recently over training experience with us, it’s really worth the read and something we can all learn...
18th September 2016

Sometimes it pays off to be spontaneous

I hadn’t even heard of the Jelenia Gora Trophy until Wednesday and yet 48 hours later, I’m walking the course at 10 o’clock the night before the race with a useless freebie torch from Deutsche Bahn. I literally had to wait until the sun came up before I could ride the course for the first...