Travers RussTi

I saw the call from UKXCnews for reviews of owners bikes. I have my own Blog so I thought lets colour these guys page up a bit with something a little left field.

I have been riding Travers frames for a few years now first with a Rudy 29 and now this RussTi which is a development of the Rudy.

The RussTi really is a do anything frame it will take 29er wheels or 27+ (a 29+ is also available.)and can be set up as a mile munching bikepackers dream or more at my end of the scale an XC marathon and ultra marathon bike. One even made it to the tour divide summer 2016.

The above photo shows it with 27+ 35mm Nextie rims and a 3.0 Rocket Ron on the front and 2.8 on the back, coupled with Lauf's Trail racer Boost fork.

Travers RussTi

Loaded up for a longer Training ride there is another set of triple bottle boss's on the underside of the down tube as well (see below) which also shows the engraved Travers Head tube and clearance on a 3 inch tyre on lauf forks



Travers RussTi

Plenty of room to go 3 inch on the back too.Travers RussTi

Why Ti ? well I've been around MTB's since the late 80's and lusted after the plethora of team titanium offerings at the time Kona, Marin, GT and a host of others all had a flagship Ti bike and I've always wanted one. Im ALWAYS trying new stuff its part of the fun of the sport to me and rarely do I leave a bike alone for more than a few rides So the RussTi gives me loads of options.

This year I have upgraded to some m8000 XT and 9000 XTR parts put on a 2.6 inch rocket up front and a 2.25 Thunder Burt out the back slimming down from semi fat to 'super semi' ? fat.

This week its back up to a 2.8 on the front and a 2.35 Big One (yes the beach tyre.) on the back and replaced the Laufs with Travers own rigid XC Prong fork and its transported me back to the early 90's. I did a 100km training ride in the dust this week and was just loving the purity of a Ti frame and a rigid fork.

Just needed toe straps and canti brakes .... (maybe not.)

Happy Trails



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