This week on Race Bike Focus we've had the opportunity to take a look at the Niner Jet 9 RDO of BikeSoup's Lee Williams. Lee was good enough to give us rundown of this rather tasty looking flagship full suss XC rig and explain the finer details behind his race ready build.

To start things off, we asked Lee to give us the lowdown on the Jet 9's frame and then talk us through the rest of his build...

"The Jet 9 RDO features Niner’s patented CVA suspension which gives you more BB clearance, has 100mm of fully active travel with Custom valved Fox Float CTD (Climb/Trail/Descend) Factory shock with Trail Adjust and Kashima Coat.  The frame has the ability to efficiently run single, double or triple chain rings."

"Balancing up the bike I have a Mojo Tuned Fox Float 32 fork with 100mm CTD set up without bar lock-out as I find (certainly with the full sus) that I never use it so I've saved the weight.  The forks have a trail adjustment system with 7 different settings for fine tweaking, again with the Kashima Coat and have the stealth black fox decals."

"For the wheels I'm running Niner's own full Carbon Wheel set which comes in at 1600 grams a set, however, I use a lighter set of Stans Race Gold alloy wheels (1300 grams) for my spare's during racing. Initially, they were supposed to be my number one wheels, however I find the carbons are way stiffer and make the bike feel really solid and responsive compared to the flexy Stans so I've stuck with what feels better and performs."

As for the rubber, 90% of the time I use two different sets of tyres.  Stans Ravens 2.0 for when it's really dry and fast; there's literally no tread to them, but honestly they are one of my all time favorite tyres!  They grip way more than they should (judging by they're image) and are super light and tough at the same time.  The only reason I had a set in my possession is that they were on a set of wheels I bought at the Mt Saint-Anne World Cup in Canada and though I'd better give them at least one go before I bin them...been part of my race set up ever since!  The second tyre I use is the Kenda Small Block 8 2.0, which again have great rolling resistance but provide equally as good traction when its wet.  If it's a mud bath I dive into the tyre bag and see what tickles my fancy at the time!"

"I'm using a full Sram 1x11 set up switching between a 32t and 36t front chainring depending on the course although only in extreme circumstances do I use the 32.  Shimano XTR Brakes, Full Niner Carbon RDO finishing kit with WTB Saddle.

I've also downsized the front rotor from 180mm to 160mm to give me a 160mm front and rear set up which saves weight on the rotor and fork extension but also balances the breaking, as I've always found 180mm a teeny bit powerful for a 5'8" dude."

"I'm running a 100mm stem with riser bars (cut to 625mm) at a negative angle so I get a flat platform laterally with the riser angling towards me...looks rather odd but feels great. Nothing flash on the grips unfortunately, always use locking sticky grips that generally look boring as I race without gloves and the foam flashy ones tend to annoy me.

"I use Shimano XTR pedals (been using them for the last 5 years or so) however, without pedals the bike comes in at a fast and light 22.5lbs."

A huge thanks to Bikesoup's Lee Williams for showing us around his top-notch Niner rig and we wish him all the very best for the rest of the season. You can keep up to date with Lee this season via Twitter (@LeeWilliamsmtb) or by visiting his website -, and don't forget to join us next Thursday for more Race Bike Focus... see you then!

Pictures courtesy of Dale Batchelor Photography

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