We've been lucky enough to receive some chain rings from Absolute black to demo, on demo is the 32t oval which is designed in the UK and produced in Poland, The rings come in a nice black sleeve with instructions on how to fit.

Once I had them on my bike, I headed out along a local coastal route, at first I was not sold on the benefits and were a little skeptical given my use of round rings on my mountain bike since, well, forever and having the mentality of 'its not broke, don't fix it'.  It did take me about 10-15mins to get used to the pulsating feeling of riding with an oval, the oval is meant to smooth out the power making it easier when you are at the top of your stroke and giving you more when your pedal is between 2-5 oclock.

Now having ridden these rings for a couple of short rides and a long 60 mile charity XC ride over Dartmoor, I really wish I had made the change sooner, the main area that I noticed a massive improvement was climbing technical rocky / loose climbs, the smoother power delivery to the back wheel meant you didn't get the slipping sensation as you pressed down hard on the pedals, a reduction in wasted energy leaving you fresher at the top.

After my long charity ride I felt less fatigue that rides of similar length. the same could be said for my 2-3 hour rides I have also done on my road bike with some Absolute Black oval rings.

Not convinced they will make a difference? Absolute black have been kind enough to give us a set of rings to give away, all you need to do is fill in the form below to subscribe to the absolute black mailing list and have shared the post on Facebook.

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