If you see me in the next few days, I may be staring into space with an odd smile on my face. This is what happens when you achieve a goal. Whether it be getting up a climb you never thought you could, completing your first Sportive, conquering a section of scary trail or completing a World Cup race the symptoms are the same. You’ll feel this massive sense of accomplishment, be known to be smiling a lot, giggle at random things and generally look smug! Enjoy it because with achieving goals comes setting new ones. If you’re like me you’ll always want to do better and improve just that little bit more.

I’m still in the smug stage at the moment after completing the race distance in La bresse UCI XCO World Cup. At the beginning of the season when I was drawing up the season plans and writing down my goals I remember discussing with Pete (my boyfriend) whether aiming to stay in a World Cup race was realistic. The races are getting faster and shorter and therefore harder and harder to stay in. He said if I really wanted it I’d have to give it every chance, work hard, get fitter and be focused. So that’s what I did and believe me it is worth every sacrifice I make. I couldn’t have done it without his support or that of my fantastic team Cannondale Girls and of course my coaches who point me in the right direction for fitness and skills.

UCI XCO World Cup Round 3, La Bresse - Maxine FilbyThe race was tough; it was one huge climb with rocky technical section then a very demanding descent. It had rained over night making it slippery and even more treacherous. It was slow going on the first lap with just the sheer number of riders making it hard to ride the technical sections. I found a rhythm and pushed on. Each lap I grew more tired but pushed even harder thinking it might be my last. As I came round to go on to the last lap I must have looked a complete idiot with a huge grin on my face. Never before have I been so happy to be the last rider on the course. The crowds were amazing and I heard people cheering my name, it makes you try that bit harder, push that little bit extra.

I’ve had a wonderful World Cup trip. It’s great to have so many British riders at this level, all of which are super supportive and always on hand to help out. I really cannot wait until the next round in Switzerland. Although I’ve achieved my goal it’s actually a continuous one as there’s still three rounds to stay in for and I’d like to creep up the places a little too. For now though I’m just going to keep smiling for a little while longer!

UCI XCO World Cup Round 3, La Bresse - Maxine Filby
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