UKXCNews continues to expand, and it gives me great pleasure to welcome another new recruit to our growing editorial team. Taking on the role of international envoy is Mr Scott Cornish, he'll be travelling to far flung corners of the globe for UKXCNews, in search of new stage racing experiences whilst also re-visiting some of the growing number of established classics, Scott will be on hand to bring you all the information you'll need to go out there and find your next big international racing adventure!

[caption id="attachment_1499" align="aligncenter" width="470"]Scott after a tough day at the Andalucian office Scott after a tough day at the Andalucian office[/caption]

If you've not already had the pleasure of meeting Scott, here (in his own words) is a little bit about our international explorer:

"My first real race was at the tender age of 34, the then unknown Cape Epic when it was a trans event with big miles. That experience got me hooked on the longer haul. It was Matt Carr's fault that I entered my first 12hour solo event that same year, the Bristol 12hour, gaining 2nd place and feeling very broken!

A number of podium spots in 12 hour races followed as did my addiction to stage races. A podium spot in multi day events eluded me as my 30's ebbed away, but incredible experiences were had, reflected in my articles. 

Experience seems to have paid off this year, my 2nd as a vet, with a number of podium spots, a 3rd in the GC at the Transpyr and a top spot at the Manx 100  miler. With thanks to support from GoreBikeWear, Ergon, Mojo Suspension, Continental tyres, Mulebar, E3Coaching, Rotor Q rings and Niner Bikes

Becoming a physio and bike fitter has certainly helped me understand the sporting body in terms of reducing and managing injury and improving performance, as well as helping numerous cyclists gain more from their riding and racing."

If you have a specific question regarding racing internationally that you'd like to put to Scott you can reach him at, or why not give him a follow on Twitter @Physio_Scott