The folks at The Pioneer have made a few changes for 2o17 edition of this stunning race, 20% brand new course for 2017! After a few month's of riding, consulting and planning the 2017 course is ready.

Prologue Highlights.


Staying true to the epic nature of this event and ensuring a unique journey through the stunning Southern Alps for every rider, our course development team made certain they always had 'find stunning', 'find character' and 'find welcome' at the heart of their course development for 2017.

The Pioneer will continue to push riders to their absolute limits and then some, as the course covers 549kms of back country New Zealand, demands a total of 15,824m of climbing across the 7 days, and asks riders to dig deep, both mentally and physically.

The 2017 course is by no means easier, it is more 'rideable', but remains an epic challenge!

The key changes include;
Full course details here
Stage One: new start line location so no more neutral zone, you just get straight into the fun stuff! And this includes riding sections of the new Christchurch Adventure Park!
Stage Two: remains the same as the 2016 stage.
Stage Three: sees a new climb up the Albury Range, which while it is longer, it is a more 'rideable' ascent. And you will be rewarded - the views from up there are beyond stunning as your ride the ridge line!
Stage Four: some of the longer road sections have been removed which equals more mountain biking, including on a new track, the Rhoboro Track.
Stage Five: the Queen Stage remains untouched - this is where you really dig deep!! However we have extended the cut-off time at the Lindis Pass entrance. Instead of 2:00pm, you now have until 3:00pm to reach this point.
Stage Six: remains the same with the wicked Deans Bank single track, and the stunning climb up to Snow Farm.
Stage Seven: sees an exciting new approach to Queenstown from Snow Farm, and includes a river crossing!


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