More news from the newly formed HKR XC Team has emerged today as they announce one of Germany's leading energy and nutritional brands, Nutrixxion, will be fuelling them for 2016.

The news of Nutrixxion's involvement - Distributed within the UK by Fli Distribution - with HKR XC Team broke on the teams website, saying 'Nutrixxion, is one of Germany’s leading energy brands, they boast many years of experience developing products based on the needs of both amateur and professional athletes. Working with these athletes, sports scientists and doctors Nutrixxion have been able to gain the knowledge needed to develop premium sports nutrition products. The portfolio of products Nutrixxion provide includes everything a modern athlete could need to support their training and competition including: gels, bars, proteins supplements, shots, and electrolyte drinks in a range of flavours.

All this means when we are training at our best and pushing our bodies to the limit, Nutrixxion will provide the support we need…and we happen to be quite fond of the bottle colour!'

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