After unveiling British and World XCO superstar Annie Last earlier this month Novus OMX Pro Team are keen to keep the good news 'rolling' in - pun intended - as they welcome a fresh face to the XCO MTB scene Knight Composites as their new wheel sponsor for 2016.

Knight have produced the fastest road wheel in the World, and now their brand new line of off-road wheels is set to be released, with Novus OMX Pro Team becoming the first mountain bike team with the honour of racing on them.

Knight is a company whose characteristics and ambitions resonate with our own: to be the best. Quality and passion combine to make truly remarkable, World-leading wheels which will be ridden by our World-class athletes.

Knight Composites was conceived in the summer of 2013 by bicycle industry veterans Jim Pfeil, Beverly Lucas and Kevin Quan, with the goal of producing a faster wheel than was currently available on the market. Working alongside the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies, their efforts have resulted in a new generation of super-fast, stealth wheel designs that have taken construction and safety standards to a whole new level, all of which is underwritten by a manufacturing team enlisting brains, engineering, technology and personality from all over the world.

Paul Beales, Manager at Novus OMX Pro Team, is excited by the prospect of working with Knight.

“Knight Composites in a company formed from some of the World’s leading specialists who have come together to produce extraordinary wheels; to have them as a sponsor of Novus OMX is a real privilege. Not only do we have their expertise behind us, but also their dedication in helping us to be the best.”

For OMX it is highly important to give our riders the best equipment and the best support. The relationship between OMX and Knight is a new one but we already feel that we have both of these key factors from our new partners.


CEO and Co-Founder of Knight Composites, Beverly Lucas, says,

"When we embarked on our journey into off-road, we tested every competitor wheel on the market – the wheels we knew we would be compared to and challenged by. Wheels designed by engineers we already had a lot of respect for, who earned it by constantly innovating to make better products. That’s where we set our benchmark, and so finding the right team to compliment that intent, to train and race on our wheels and offer solid feedback on a global level, was absolutely paramount. The young men and women at Novus OMX Pro Team told us they wanted to become the world’s number one XC race team by Tokyo 2020, beginning by chasing places at Rio and winning races on the World Cup circuit and other important events, and this totally resonated with our small team here across the pond in Oregon. The drive to win is, of course, very important to have in your heart if you’re striving to be a champion, but it’s also important to go out every day on the bike knowing you can depend on equipment that will give you that edge, no matter how long you’ve been in the sport. So that’s what we hope we can bring to the table for OMX and we couldn’t be more excited to be their partner for 2016 and beyond.”

We very much look forward to rolling out on Knight wheels in 2016.

Together, #weareOMX.