If you've had a keen eye on social media lately you'll have noticed a new team name has emerged ahead of the fast approaching 2016 XC season.

Taken from the teams Facebook page, this is what we know so far...


At the end of 2012, we formed our own XC race team, EHF Racing. Year on year, our rider numbers have increased as well as our popularity and recognition across the country. We've had 3 successful seasons as part of Everybody Health and Fitness and last year we added a second title sponsor which formed EHF Velopro. 

This year, for 2016, it’s time for something new! We've decided to close the doors on EHF Velopro, but as one door closes another one always opens. So, with that, we are continuing our journey with a new name, a new kit and new sponsors alongside what has seen us get where we are today - our unmistakable team spirit, goals and of course, the black and green.

We are proud to introduce HKR XC Team.

We're really excited for the future and the re-branding of the team. We believe this is our next step to move the team and our riders forward to become even more successful. Keep an eye on our social media for more exciting updates in the coming weeks. We look forward to seeing you on the start line!


We've been promise more news will follow shortly... Stay tuned!