More exciting news coming from the new HKR XC team as they announce BEET IT as their 2016 supplement sponsor.

"We are pleased to announce we will be supplementing with natural nitrate in 2016, BEET-IT Sport Shots to be precise. Over the last few years there has been growing interest into the power of nitrates and the benefits that they can give, especially when taking part in intense exercise and endurance sports. Many of the team have supplemented with Beetroot for some time and include it in their pre-race rituals, so its great to welcome BEET-IT to our sponsor network.

The BEET IT Sport brand rapidly established itself in the sporting world and is now a firm favourite of the sporting elite, being increasingly adopted by more and more international sportsmen, women and teams. Since 2007 they have been supplying research institutes and universities with beetroot juice and concentrate. The research covering the benefits to athletes from natural dietary nitrate supplementation was started by Prof Andy Jones of Exeter University. He explains the nature of his team’s research in the video “Unlocking the Power of Beetroot“.


The natural dietary nitrate found in BEET-IT is converted, by interaction with enzymes in saliva, to Nitric Oxide in the cardio vascular system. Research has suggested there are a wide range of benefits which include:

“modulating cerebral blood flow”

“improves sprint performance”

“lowers blood pressure”

“cell metabolism”

Try natural nitrate supplementation from concentrated beetroot juice yourself! BEET-IT is available from a variety of stores including major supermarkets, not forgetting their website."