Over the last couple of years UKXCNews.com has gone through a pretty big metamorphosis; from its beginnings as a simple Twitter Feed to becoming the fledgling news source with aspirations of greatness that you see today. But the trouble is we're now at a crossroads… And we really need your help!

Even though the UKXCNews project has evolved steadily over time our main ethos and mission objectives have always remained unchanged:

  • To help uncover the wealth of under reported news from around the UK Cross Country and Endurance MTB scene.

  • To promote the positive and exciting nature of XC MTB racing.

  • To help event organisers attract more riders, fans and support to their events.

  • To give XC athletes a forum on which to showcase their talents, dedication and aspirations.

  • To give brands the opportunity to show their support for XC racing within the UK and beyond.

  • To build a dedicated ‘fan base’ and to help spread the gospel of XC MTB racing!

And with the help of some pretty dedicated folk we have already managed to do a fair bit. The team brought a ‘live’ aspect to UK XC race reporting by utilising social media to help keep fans from around the world updated on race day. We’ve brought you popular features such as Race Bike Focus, in which we gave racers the opportunity to showcase their race rig and the kit that makes them ‘go’! We have interviewed everyone from mid-pack warriors, World Champions, National Champions and race organisers - and we've still many more lined up. You have been given race reports and racer blogs from Homegrown riders who have endeavoured to stretch their legs on the international race scene, and also from those who prefer to ply their skills a little closer to home.

There has been a fair bit achieved so far… But now it's time to do more!!

So what do we want to do? Well…

  • We want to expand our ‘live’ race coverage.

  • We want to bring you far more full and comprehensive race reports.

  • We want to bring you exciting race previews to help build race day excitement and that have all the info needed for both racers and fans alike.

  • We want to help more events reach more racers, fans and supporters by working with them to create bigger and better marketing campaigns.

  • We'd like to open up UKXCNews to the worlds of YouTube and create vibrant XC related content that will help drive excitement and interest in the sport!

But for this we need you!!

If you've always wanted to do something more for the sport or you have ideas on how to make XC racing bigger, then we really want to hear from you.

UKXCNews needs people from every echelon of the sport to help with editing, feature writing and race reporting (both live and post-event). We need bloggers, news hounds and photographers, boots on the ground to help us create fabulous and up to the minute race coverage.

On top of that, we need people who can help us market not just UKXCNews but to help us promote events and racers so they can reach even greater heights and achieve unbelievable things.

You could be just the person we need to help create a real difference, and you don't need to quit your day job to do it! Even if you only have a spare 5 minutes a week, there could be a role for you at UKXCNews.com. All we ask is that you share our passion for Cross Country MTB in all it's amazing and joyous guises.

So, if you fancy helping and having your say on how we report the XC News, simply jot a few of your details down into a quick email and send it into info@UKXCNews.com


Let's get it done! #MissionXC