David Fletcher - Road to Recovery (Part 3)


Another month has passed by on my road to recovery and unfortunately I'm still not on the bike, but my spirits are high and I'm hopeful of being back on the road or trails very soon. The movement in my shoulder and the amount I'm able to do is getting better all the time, it's still painful but I can feel it's on a good path. The shoulder specialist is happy with my progress, the physiotherapists are impressed with the progress I'm making, giving me new strengthening tasks and stretches to get me back to full fitness each time I see them.

The worst thing about injuries like mine is the waiting. Not being able to ride because of bad weather or because something has popped up is bad at the best of times, but with an injury you can't even tell yourself that had it not been raining or something popped up I could have gone out. The mind is a very complicated thing and keeping it happy isn't a walk in the park. Fortunately, I'm able to ride on the turbo and keep my fitness to a good degree. I think with having any extended time out the saddle that anytime back on the bike, even the turbo, is a joy. Sounds crazy, I know, but when you've ridden your bike for so long and you love nothing more than being on your bike the little things, like the turbo, do make a big difference.
Time scale wise it's another 4 weeks of turbo time then I can start riding on the roads, which should be around Christmas - maybe the nicest present this year could be an hour on the road this Christmas day!

The Cyclocross season is over for me but just glad to know it wont be too long until I'm riding again, and I can hit the mtb season with a bang.

Whilst all this has gone by, and I've been getting myself fixed, things have been changing and progressing in the back ground. The first major change is who I'm being coached by. I'm happy to say that the legend of the MTB world Oli Beckingsale from BWcycling will now be taking care of all my training plans. Oli was a no brainer choice for me, and to have him taking care of my training schedule is a big plus. Being a multiple national champion, Olympian, commonwealth games medallist and series winner means he is the perfect man to help me progress, and to hopefully become a rider with the success and palmares of the Oli himself. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication but I have full confidence with what Oli can do for me and feel it will be a successful partnership.

dfletcher1The second change is probably the biggest of them both. After 3 years I have decided to move on from the Orange Monkey Pro Team. A personal decision to re-find myself as a rider. I've had a troubled year and feel I've lost my love for the sport a little, so with a fresh start to the new year I hope to re-find my legs and regain the form and success I had in my junior days and my last year as an U23. The team I'm moving to is the place I started my cycling career, gained my first national championship win and found out what I wanted to be. Sherwood Pines Cycles have supported me throughout my entire career and on hearing they wanted me back to be the frontline of their development squad was an offer I couldn't refuse. The team will be called Sherwood Pines Cycles/Felt Bikes/Enve. My schedule has changed and will now include more racing on the domestic scene, including the national mtb series, regional mtb and road races, the Premier calendar and also some overseas races. A calendar fit for a comeback into the sport I love. I cant thank Orange Monkey enough. They have been there for me when times were tough and also celebrated when times were at there very best. The dedication in the team is amazing and I sincerely wish them all the luck in the future. I enjoyed my time within the team and with each member of the team, be it the riders or staff, I found a place of comfort and acceptance. Sometimes progression has different paths and I feel it's my time to take a different road.

So, as you can see its been a turbulent month, with good, bad and some slightly painful parts to it but always moving forward!

In the next update you will see if I'm back on the bike yet and also more updates on my plans and ventures for the 2015 season.

Be sure to keep your eye out!

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