27th July 2017

Race Bike Focus: Matt Jones' 24 hour racing machines

Having two bikes for a 24 hour race is pretty important particularly if weather conditions go south and mudmeggedon happens meaning a bike swap every lap is near essential if you want to be at the sharp end. Washing my only bike mid lap in the rain at 3am a few years ago at Relentless 24 was not...
Dyfi (Double) Race report
11th May 2017

Dyfi (Double) Race report

Matthew Jones recently did the Dyfi TWICE in preperation for the 24hr worlds soon, he sent over his race report for us all to read. How do you make the best event of the year even better? Do it twice! The annual pilgrimage to the welsh hills once again took us with caravan and hound in tow to...
Matt Jones 24hr Solo champs race report and seasonal recap
20th November 2016

Matt Jones 24hr Solo champs race report and seasonal recap

Fort William holds some good memories for me starting in 2013 getting a surprising podium at relentless 24 followed the year after with an age cat win at the world champs. This year really topped it all off though winning the UK 24 hour solo championships.   It's been a really long...
16th October 2016
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Taking your non racing mates along to races.

Dragging your non racey mates along to races... thoughts from each end of the results sheet. Training for 24 hour solo races can be a lonely business as it's not often that your riding buddies want to get up at 6am for some pre work hill repeats in the depths of winter. Even if you do find someone...
Manx100 "Toughest mile for mile event in the UK"
16th September 2016

Manx100 "Toughest mile for mile event in the UK"

The team behind the Manx100 have put together the toughest mile for mile mountain bike event in the UK. The stats only begin to give you a sense of the scale of the challenge laid down by the local organisers. 102 milesĀ  (yes an extra couple as they didn't want the risk of people being...