9th November2016

E3Coach Series – Pacing

The question of pacing is something that I have to deal with across all endurance sports, for short and long events. We will look at this from a racing view point mainly but will touch on people wishing to complete rather than compete. Let’s start simple and say this is not your first season… You … Continue reading “E3Coach Series – Pacing”

4th November2016

E3Coach Series – Ramping it up

So you have survived the cold wet winter months working on building your endurance engine and now it’s time to change focus, upping that intensity, but how is it best done? As I have mentioned a few times now, the human body is super clever and learns when we subject it to consistent structured training… The same approach applies … Continue reading “E3Coach Series – Ramping it up”

30th September2016

E3Coach Series – Base Training

Winter is about slow steady miles ready for the next season, but this is boring! With E3Coach winter base you will could get the benefits with less time on and off road!